2011 World Series of Poker

Event #17: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Current Chip Counts

Ron Ware 700,000 -35,000
Michael Chow 660,000 200,000
Jonathan Tamayo 610,000 215,000
David Baker 585,000 215,000
Adam Friedman 435,000 -185,000
Aaron Steury 420,000 100,000
Victor Ramdin 280,000 -30,000
Paolo Compagno 260,000 30,000
Denis Ethier 170,000 60,000
Tristan Clemencon 130,000 -280,000


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Ware Makes Broadway to Bring Down Friedman

• Nivel 23


Adam Friedman made it 30,000 to go before the flop and Ron Ware made the call from the big blind. The dealer flopped {J-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} and Friedman led out for 15,000. Ware decided to see the turn and made the call.

Turn: {K-Clubs}

Friedman again led out, this time for 30,000 and Ware responded by raising to 60,000. Friedman did not like what he saw and mucked his cards. Apparently his read was dead on because Ware flipped up two cards, the {A-Hearts}{10-Hearts} for a Broadway straight as he dragged the pot his way. This hand saw Ware climb to 740,000 chips while Friedman took a slight hit.

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Arsht Downed by Quad Ducks

• Nivel 23


Aaron Steury made it 30,000 to go before the flop and picked up three callers, including a short stacked David Arsht. The dealer flopped {2-Spades}{K-Hearts}{J-Spades} and after it was checked to him, Steury fired 15,000 into the middle. This forced the other two players to fold but David Arsht made the call, leaving himself with only 8,000 chips behind.

That 8,000 went into the pot after the turn came {2-Diamonds} and Arsht was all in for his tournament life holding the {A-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs} for an open ended straight draw. Unfortunately for him, Steury held the {A-Spades}{6-Spades}{2-Hearts}{7-Hearts} for trip deuces and a flush draw, meaning Arsht was drawing extremely thin. He would need to spike one of the two remaining aces or three remaining non-spade nines to survive.

River: {2-Clubs}

With that, Steury made quad deuces and Arsht was eliminated in 11th place. Steury built his stack to just under 400,000 after the hand.

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Ramdin Run Down by Chow

• Nivel 23
Victor Ramdin can't seem to beat Michael Chow on Day 3
Victor Ramdin can't seem to beat Michael Chow on Day 3


In a rematch of our last confrontation, Michael Chow raised to 30,000 from the under the gun and Victor Ramdin reraised to 45,000. Chow made the call and the flop fell {Q-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{3-Hearts}, prompting Chow to check the action. Ramdin would have none of it and bet 15,000, only to see Chow check-raise to 30,000. Ramdin decided to peel one off and made the call.

Turn: {6-Clubs}

Both players checked the turn and the river card came the {4-Spades}. Chow led out for 30,000 and Ramdin looked him up, only to see Chow reveal the {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} for a flopped set of threes.

Ramdin was visibly frustrated with this result and sarcastically told Chow to "run better."

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Chow Chomps on Ramdin's Chips

• Nivel 23


In our first Victor Ramdin sighting of the day, the Team PokerStars Pro made it 30,000 to go before the flop and Michael Chow came along for the ride from the big blind.

Flop: {A-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}

After a check by Chow, Ramdin fired 15,000 into the pot and Chow made the call. The turn fell {2-Clubs} and both players checked, bringing the {6-Hearts} on the river. Both players opted to tap the table and Chow showed down the {K-Spades}{J-Spades} for middle pair. This was good enough to force a muck from Ramdin, and Chow chipped up to 595,000 after the hand.

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Lake's Stack Razed in Razz

• Nivel 23


We caught up with the action as Adam Friedman and a short-stacked Scott Lake were playing a hand of razz. Lake was all in at some point in the hand and the players exposed their down cards.

Friedman: ({9-})({2-}) - {7-}{5-}{4-}{6-} - (X)
Lake: ({8-}){3-}) - {4-}{A-}{7-}{2-} - ({3-})

Friedman had caught nearly perfect to make a 6-5-4-3-2, and with his 7-4-3-2-A showing, Lake would need to spike a five or six to survive. When he squeezed his last down card on seventh street, Lake saw paint and immediately tossed the useless card high in the air in a show of disgust. Lake exited in 12th place while Friedman climbed to 910,000 chips.

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Break Time!

• Nivel 22

The players have began wandering through the Amazon Room in search of bathrooms and snacks, as we have reached our first 20-minute break of the day.