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Cameron New Eliminated in 10th Place ($18,018)

Cameron New
Cameron New

Tyler Patterson raised to 26,000 and got called by Cameron New and then Jan Collado in the big blind.

The flop was {Q-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{6-Hearts} and Collado checked, Patterson bet 50,000 and New raised pot (i.e all in). Collado folded and Patterson shrugged and called.

Patterson: {K-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{8-Spades} for top two pair.
New: {J-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{7-Hearts} for a pair and a gutshot.

The {3-Spades} turn and {4-Hearts} river helped neither player and Cameron New went out to a round of applause from the players as our final table was set.

Chip counts/puntos
Tyler Patterson 1,075,000 225,000
Cameron New Eliminado

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