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Tag: Brian Haveson

Brian Haveson Eliminated in 2nd Place ($157,491)

2-7 Triple Draw Brian Haveson was all in after the second draw and Chris Lee made the call. Haveson opted to draw one and Lee stood pat. The hands were tabled and Haveson saw what he was up against.

Lee Keeps the Pressure On

Pot-Limit Omaha Chris Lee called from the button and Brian Haveson checked in the big blind. The flop came down and both players checked. The turn added a second flush draw and paired the board with the .

Haveson Mucks at Showdown

Pot-Limit Omaha Brian Haveson limped in from the button and Chris Lee checked his option in the big blind to see the flop. Lee checked and Haveson bet 34,000. Lee made the call. The turn was the and Lee had checked in the dark.

Another Double for Haveson

Omaha-8 Brian Haveson just won't go away like Chris Lee hopes he would. He just doubled again and is back to about 600,000. Haveson checked in the big blind after Lee limped on the button. The flop came down and Haveson bet.

Haveson Back South

Omaha-8 Chris Lee raised from the button and Brian Haveson called from the big blind to see the flop. Haveson bet and Lee made the call.

Haveson Finds Another Double

No-Limit 2-7 Brian Haveson was all in pre-draw against his opponent Chris Lee. Lee stood pat and Haveson drew one. At that point, Lee said, "I have a jack," which means he had a jack low. Haveson was drawing to beat it.

Haveson Doubles Back with Two Pair

Limit Hold'em Chris Lee raised from the button and Brian Haveson reraised from the big blind. Lee made the call. Before the flop, Haveson slid all of his chips into the middle. He had 74,000 and could only legally bet 60,000.

Haveson Gettin' Low

Limit Hold'em Brian Haveson raised from the button and Chris Lee three-bet it from the big blind. Haveson called and the flop came down . Lee bet and Haveson called. After the fell on the turn, Lee bet out.

Haveson Slips Further

Razz Brian Haveson: (X)(X) - - fold Chris Lee: (X)(X) - Chris Lee brought in and Brian Haveson completed. Lee called and then led out on fourth street with Haveson calling.

Lee Extends

Razz Brian Haveson: (X)(X) - - fold Chris Lee: (X)(X) - Brian Haveson brought in and Chris Lee completed, with Haveson calling. On fourth, Lee fired and Haveson made the call. On fifth, Lee bet and Haveson folded.

Shaun Deeb Eliminated in 4th Place ($67,146)

No-Limit Hold'em Shaun Deeb had been on a downward spiral for the last couple of hours and in the last hand of the night, he succumbed to Travis Pearson in fourth place.

Haveson Three-Bet/Folds

Chris Lee opened the button, and Brian Haveson three-bet from the big blind. Lee's response was a relatively quick reraise all in, and Haveson spent a minute in the tank.

Pearson Pots It

Pot-Limit Omaha Under the gun, Travis Pearson limped in, and Chris Lee and Shaun Deeb both called in turn. From the big blind, Brian Haveson announced, "I'm gonna raise the pot," and he made it 250,000 to go.

Deeb Makes Two Pair Better

Stud 8/b Shaun Deeb brought it in with the , and he called the completion from Brian Haveson's . Deeb: (x-x) / / (x) Haveson: (x-x) / / (x) Haveson bet his lead on fourth street, but he checked on fifth.

Haveson Running Hot

Stud 8/b Chris Lee was the bring-in with the , and he called the completion from Brian Haveson and his .

Haveson Gets Deeb

2-7 Triple Draw We picked up the action just after the first draw, heads-up between Brian Haveson and Shaun Deeb. We're not sure how many cards they drew, but Haveson check-called a bet, and he took two cards.

Deeb Stretches His Lead

Omaha 8/B Shaun Deeb and Brian Haveson took the first two pots uncontested, then in the third hand, the action folded to Chris Lee who completed the small blind before Deeb raised from the big blind.

Pearson Stays Afloat

Stud 8/b We picked up the action on fourth street, three ways.

Not Quite All In

Pot-Limit Omaha Brian Haveson raised to 16,000, and Kendall Fukumoto reraised the pot, making it 54,000 total. Haveson called. The flop came , and Fukumoto checked.

It's Time to Learn Your A-B-C's!

Badugi We just got over to table 285 as Kevin Chance and Brian Haveson went to their last draw in Badugi. Each player took one card each, then Chance bet and Haveson called to go to the showdown.