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Michael Yee Eliminated In 2nd Place ($165,346)

In only the second hands of heads up, David Singontiko and Michael Yee got it all in preflop when Yee only had 325,000 left.

Wheel for Yee

After several walks and raise-and-take hands just after the return from break, we finally made it to a river.

Sweet Flop for Yee

"Three-way chop?" said the short-stacked Michael Yee with a grin when three-handed play began. "I just want to put that out there," he added. Both Jeffrey Gibralter and David Singontiko chuckled.

Yee Survives With Chop

Michael Yee opened for 62,000 from the hijack seat and got one caller in Jeffrey Gibralter from the button. The flop came , and Yee quickly checked. Gibralter bet 85,000, and after a short pause Yee said he was reraising to 225,000.

The Trading Of Chips Continues

The chip line up is much much different than it was when we started the day less than two hours ago, and with a game like Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-low Split-8 or Better it should be no surprise.

Sands Down To Scraps, In Danger Of 10th Place Finish

David Sands came in to today with a super-massive chip lead, and now he is the shortest stack at a table full of short stacks.