No olvides el satélite de esta noche para el Everest Poker ONE - password aquí

everest poker one

Don’t forget that the third event in our weeklong series of Everest Poker ONE Qualifiers is tonight. Taking place at 19:00 GMT is a $2+$0.20 freezeout with nine seats to our Everest Poker ONE finale on March 23 where you can win a $9,000 package to the Everest Poker ONE in Monte Carlo.

Yesterday the following players qualified for the Final: therealgor, konischua, ccpXI, rainman63, pokerelch88, xsmafu

To qualify for this exclusive series, you need to download Everest Poker, make a minimum deposit of $5 and get the daily password, which is joinus for tonight’s freeroll.

This freeroll is open to all Everest Poker Players, regardless of whether they signed up via PokerNews or not.

Don’t worry if you miss out tonight because we have daily qualifiers running for the rest of this week.

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