Main Event

Noel Gaens Eliminated in 7th Place (€87,800)

[user76023] • Nivel 30: 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante
Noel Gaens - 7th place

Noel Gaens raised to 300,000 from UTG with a short-stack and it was passed around to Walid Bou Habib in the big blind. The Lebanese player thought for a moment and set Gaens all in, the latter didn't look too happy but felt himself priced in to call off his chips.

Gaens: {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Bou Habib: {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}

The {8-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop didn't improve either player and the {Q-Clubs} on the turn left the Belgian drawing to one of just two remaining tens in the deck but the river was another {Q-Diamonds} and with that, Bou Habib has solidified his position in second place.

Chip counts/puntos
Walid Bou Habib lb 6,300,000 1,655,000
Noel Gaens be Eliminado

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