Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed


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We hadn't checked on John Kabbaj in a while, so we wandered over just as he was involved in what would be his final hand. He must have been short, because he was all in by the time we walked up on fourth street. Steve Diano and another player were also in the pot, but they'd check it down.

Kabbaj: (x-x) / {a-}{k-}{9-}{5-} / (x)
Diano: (x-x) / {9-}{j-}{8-}{6-} / (x)
Opponent: (x-x) / 8x5xtxqx] / (x)

On seventh street, Diano showed {4-}{4-}{3-} buried for a ninety-eight. Mr. Opponent had that beat with [3x4x6] in the hole for an eighty-six. Kabbaj couldn't win with {a-}{2-}{q-}, and he's outta here just after dinner.

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