Event #42: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

More Controversy at Failla and Brown's Table

[user68268] • Nivel 9: 500-1,000, 0 ante

Just one hand after the incident that just happened between Will Failla and Andrew Brown, Brian Roberts was involved with a hand against Brown. The flop was {A-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} and Roberts had bet. Brown raised to put Roberts all in with no one else in the hand.

With Roberts tanking, Brown said along the lines of, "I hope you don't have a set of aces."

Roberts responded, "No, I don't have the nuts."

Failla chimed in and asked the dealer to take control of the situation as there is a rule in place that disallows players from talking about their hands, even during heads-up play. Brown stated that no one else was in the hand, but Failla mentioned that it doesn't matter. Finally, the floor was called... again... and this is what happened after Roberts eventually folded.

A different floorman than last time came over and was told the situation after the hand was complete. It was ruled that both Brown and Roberts broke the rule about revealing any information about your hand and were issued a one-hand penalty. Both Brown and Roberts tried to argue, but the floor was adamant that the ruling was correct. The players then asked to get a new floorperson for an explanation. After a minute, another floor came over and explained that if it was him, he would've given the players more than just a one-hand penalty and said that he'd have issued a one-round penalty, so they should consider themselves lucky.

After the floor left, the players talked a bit more about how the no-talking rule is pretty absurd in their opinion.

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