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Dale Eberle Eliminated in 2nd Place ($103,454)

Justin Pechie had just crippled Dale Eberle on the hand before, when Pechie flopped a set of queens and got value from it on all three streets. Eberle had under two big bets, and all those chips went in the middle preflop.

Pechie Takes Big Heads-Up Lead

Justin Pechie has an eight to one chip lead right now on Dale Eberle in heads-up play after this hand. Eberle raised it up on the button, Pechie re-raised from the big blind, and Eberle called.

Heads Up Counts

After eliminating Mathieu Jacqmin, Pechie enters heads up play with nearly over a 2-to-1 chip lead over Dale Eberle.

Pechie Dominating Three Handed Play

Despite starting three handed play as the short stack, Justin Pechie has been extremely aggressive, and has taken the chip lead after a few big pots.

Dale Eberle On The Heater Of All Heaters

Dale Eberle was down to just 50,000 before the dinner break, and now, three-handed, he is up to 1,750,000, thanks to some incredible cards and a lot of betting.

Eugene Katchalov Eliminated in 4th Place, ($50,993)

Eugene Katchalov was crippled by the cooler that we reported earlier, and Dale Eberle, the man who delivered that cooler, has knocked out Katchalov, ending his quest for a second bracelet in 2011.

Jacqmin Extends Lead

Mathieu Jacqmin put in a raise in the small blind, and Dale Eberle called in the big. The flop came , and Jacqmin led out. Eberle raised, and Jacqmin called. The turn came the , and Jacqmin checked. Eberle bet, and Jacqmin called.

Katchalov Coolered, Eberle Doubles

Eugene Katcalov raised it up from the cutoff, and was re-raised by Dale Eberele in the big blind. Katchalov re-raised again and Eberle made the call. The flop came down Eberle checked, Katchalov bet, Eberle re-raised, and Katchalov called.

Jordan Rich Eliminated In 5th Place ($38,268)

Jordan Rich was sitting with about 400,000 before he was crippled and then eliminated in subsequent hands. In the hand that crippled him, Rich raised it up in the small blind, and Mathieu Jacqmin re-raised in the big blind, Rich called.

Rich Slipping

Jordan Rich has lost about 1/3 of his chips in the last few hands, and he is now the one who is in trouble of going out next. In the first hand, Justin Pechie came in for a raise in the small blind, and Rich three bet from the big blind.

Eberle Doubles Through Rich

Just about 30 minutes ago, Dale Eberle was all in for his last 50,000, which at the time was just 2.5 big blinds. After stealing a handful of pots, and doubling up through Jordan Rich, he is now back to around 700,000.

Eberle Stealing Pots, Making Up Ground

Dale Eberle has raised the last four or five pots and through stealing the blinds has raised his stack back up to 300,000

Eberle Triples Up

Dale Eberle had fallen all the way down to just 50,000 when he finally took a stand. Mathieu Jacqmin made it two bets form the button, and Eberle went all in for 50,000 total.

Eberle Slipping, Pechie Thriving

Dale Eberle and Justin Pechie are two players that have been going in opposite directions since returning from dinner break, and that is due largely to big pots that they've played together.

Adam Tyburski Eliminated In 7th Place ($22,173)

Adam Tyburski was knocked down to a short stack before the start of the hand and was subsequently eliminated in seventh place From late position, Dale Eberle raised it up to 30,000 and Adam Tybursky re-raised to 45,000.

Rich Cracks The Million Chip Mark

Since we have gotten to seven handed, play has tightened up considerably, with most hands being won with one raise preflop. However, there have been a few hands that have seen a flop, and Jordan Rich has won most of them.

Katchalov Takes One Off Eberle

Dale Eberle raised it up in the small blind and Eugene Katchalov called from the big blind to see the flop. Eberle bet and Katchalov called to see the turn.

Ari Engel Eliminated In 10th Place ($10,378)

Ari Engel is our first player to be eliminated from the final table of the $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout.

Eberle Dents Katchalov

Eugene Katchalov has been winning most the pots he's entered at this final table, but he has just lost a decent sized one to Dale Eberle. It folded around to those two, who were in the blinds, and Eberle limped in the small blind.

Engel Crippled, Then Doubles Up

Ari Engel has just had a roller coaster of a few hands that has seen him win and lose a big pot. Dale Eberle came in for a raise, and Engel put in a third bet.