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CEP Madrid 2017

The Ladies Event Final Table Redux

Marsha Wolak takes down the crown over Karina Jett.

  • Final Table
  • Jonathan Epstein out in 9th.
  • Peg Ledman out in 5th.
  • Karina Jett doubles up.
  • Valerie McColligan reacts to seeing the river, which eliminates her in 4th.
  • Carol Tomlinson
  • Marsha Wolak chip leader
  • Carol Tomlinson out in 3rd.
  • Marsha Wolak,2011 WSOP Ladies event bracelet winner.
  • Heads Up: Marsha Wolak & Karina Jett
  • Marsha Wolak  senses a victory.
  • Marsha Wolak acknowledges her supporters.
  • Marsha Wolak basks in the glory
  • Jennifer Cowan sees her opponent flopped a straight.
  • Katherine Stahl
  • Genevieve Gloutnez out in 8th.