Event #26: $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em / Six Handed

Almost Like He Knew It Was Coming

Phil Hellmuth

With all the money already in the pot, there had clearly been some bets before the flop of {3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{8-Spades} was dealt, but we came in as Phil Hellmuth pushed his remaining 8,500 into the pot. Two players folded leaving only the small blind who elected to call.

Hellmuth asked, "Do you have an eight?" as he flipped over {5-Spades}{6-Hearts} for nothing but a gutshot straight draw. The player shook his head and showed him one better with {10-Hearts}{10-Spades}

Phil wasn't looking too good until his magic {4-Spades} hit the turn, securing him the double up. Phil often says, "If luck wasn't a factor, I'd win them all." Well, this time, if luck wasn't a factor he would be out, so he's gotta be thankful for that.

Chip counts/puntos
Phil Hellmuth us 20,000 4,500

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