Event #28: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em

Merwick Calls and Busts One


Owen Crowe checked the {K-Spades}{J-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} flop and Joel Merwick was next to act. He fired 600 and the player behind him called. Crowe folded.

The turn was the {J-Clubs} to pair the board and Merwick checked. HIs opponent bet 1,100 and Merwick made the call.

The river was the {5-Diamonds} and completed the board. After Merwick checked, his opponent fired all in for 2,200. Merwick made the call holding the {K-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}. His opponent held just the {A-Spades}{10-Hearts} for ace high and Merwick won the pot.

Chip counts/puntos
11,000 6,500

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