Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

Will Danny Blow His "Fuhs?"

2-7 No Limit

The action folded to Michael Mizrachi who raised to 2,000 from the cutoff; Rep Porter called from the button, as did Lyle Berman from the small blind and Danny Fuhs (pronounced "FUSE") from the big blind, to make it four-handed to the draw.

Berman and Mizrachi took two each, while Fuhs and Porter drew one each. Berman led out for 3,000 and Fuhs called before Mizrachi and Porter got out of the way. Berman tabled the good ol' "eighty-six" - {8-}{6-}{4-}{3-}{2-} - and Fuhs threw his hand away.

Chip counts/puntos
Lyle Berman us 74,000 9,800