Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

Isra's All Right

2-7 No-Limit

From under the gun, Septi Popescu raised to 13,000 and the action folded to Roland Isra who reraised to 28,000 from the small blind. Brian Haveson called from the big blind and Popescu got out of the way before the draw. Isra stood pat and Haveson drew one, but quickly folded after Isra led out for 30,000.

"What were you drawing to?" Isra asked as he stacked up his newly-acquired chips.

"I was drawing to an {8-}{7-}{6-}{4-}{2-}," was the reply from Haveson.

Isra smiled. "Well, I'm glad you folded then!"

Chip counts/puntos
Roland Isra 233,000 58,000
Brian Haveson 191,000 -4,000