Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

Busto or Robusto


It's getting to be that time where we start scouring the field to see who's survived to this stage. The news is not good for many of the notables we haven't seen in a while:

Chip counts/puntos
Alex Wice 25,500
Jason Potter 24,800 17,300
24,500 17,000
Allen Bari us 15,800 8,300
Huck Seed us 14,400
Terrence Chan ca 12,000 4,500
Jen Harman 10,400 -1,100
9,600 2,100
6,000 -1,500
5,000 -2,500
Shannon Shorr us 3,900 -4,100
3,100 -4,400
Bruno Fitoussi fr 2,300
David Baker us 2,200
Todd Brunson us Eliminado
Gavin Smith us Eliminado
Sorel Mizzi ca Eliminado
Joseph Cheong us Eliminado
Pat Pezzin ca Eliminado
Steve Wong nl Eliminado
Bryn Kenney us Eliminado
Dutch Boyd us Eliminado
Greg Mueller ca Eliminado
Brandon Cantu us Eliminado
Galen Hall us Eliminado
Nacho Barbero ar Eliminado
Richard Ashby gb Eliminado